Why the hate is grown more than love on earth? 
Why the blast of bomb is heavier than crystal laugh?
Why the innocence smile is vanished by sad tears? 
Why the war is always going on the world?
Why the peace is killed by terrorism? 
Why the differences between human is exceeding day by day?
Why we are on our knees to few powerful, shameless? 
Why the frustration capturing our young guys?
Why love is turning into lust? 
Why the greed of money never ends? 
Why the law-of -jungle is ruled in city?
Why the educated persons are powerless?
Why there are distances grown between hearts?
Why poor getting more poorer and rich more richer?
Why the friendship is so mean and hypocrite?
Why the sweetest song is sung in the rhythm of pain? 
Why the life is colourless without sorrows? 
Why the people hide their real faces to conceal the facts? 
Why the respects for elders are reducing day by day?

Why are we becoming so shameless and senseless?
Why are we becoming so selfish, unkind and heartless?

Each and every soul will depart from each and every body
Life is not more than fifty, sixty, seventy or eighty years
Luckily one may cross even ninety or plus
Life clock may stop anytime. Death call may hear anytime
We can't run our life as much as we want against all odds
We will have to leave all of our wealth in this cruel world

So little time left for love, left for faith, left for living together
So why are we spending our life in hates and jealously?
Why are we spending our life in bloodsheds and hypocrisy?

Is there anybody who can answer, why?

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