I'm the man of sixty-five years old,
I'm waiting for the train, to cross the border
I'm going back to my hometown, after two years
The war is over now,
So, I've left the refugee camp of this friendly land 

Is my sweet home still there in my hometown? 
My elder son has been killed
My one and only daughter has been raped and committed suicide 
Where is my younger son?
They took him for enquiry 
And that day, I had seen my son for the last time 

My wife was so lucky.
She had died just before the war started,
In her last breath she saw her happy family 

My best friend John has decided not to go back 
Last night he was crying on my shoulder 
All of his family members had been killed 

The war is over now 
No one knows who was the winner 
But everyone know that everything has been lost 

The train is coming to the platform
It will take me to my hometown
Who will be waiting for me in the station? 
Who will be there, to pick me up?

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