I've just returned from Your very nice world
Oh God, many thanks, getting me escaped from there

God, You said Your world is so beautiful
You said human is Your best ever creation

But what the world has given me except tears?
The world is full of hypocrisy and pretence
And full of evils, selfish, liars, killers and beasts

I've seen the friendship and relations of the world
Money can only attach friends and relatives
Friends and relatives left me one by one
Cause they all came to know, I'm not the wealthier one

Each one is ready to do anything to earn the money
No one says just hi without any selfish mean
Each one is ready for war without any reason
No one knows they are living in their own prison

What, if I gain Your favourite world
Where the education and medical is the business
Where the foodless & cloth-less are breathing
Where the begging is the most profitable job

What, if I gain Your loving world
Where the love has become a trade
Where the youth the roam in panic and become lust
Where the female bodies decorated in market

What, if I gain Your best world,
Each bodies are full of injure, each souls are full of thirst
Each eyes having disillusion, each heart having sadness
Dear God, is this Your nice world or the universe of gloom?

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