Welcome to the land of truth
Welcome to the land of peace
Welcome to heaven on earth
Welcome to our motherland

One day we will tell these words with pride
The dream of warless earth will come true 
The day will be not so far away 
We are all waiting with our highest hopes 

God knows, what have done our enemies with us 
God surely helps our freedom fighters in the battlefield
Our freedom fighters will get back our land 
Our best & hopeful wishes are their true weapons
They will fight against all the walls and clefts, that obstacle
They will fight against all the powers
They will fight till their last breath
They will fight till they get back our freedom
They will win against all the odds

No more tears of innocence to be fallen 
No young born will be murdered any more 
No woman will be raped and commit suicide any more
No father will lose his son by the fire of enemy 
No sister will lose his brother hanging by enemy 
No brother will see his sister become widow in war
No mother will scream for lost of her child
No friend will lose his true friend in the battlefield
No one will be dragged to the torture-cell 
No more houses will be burnt and demolished
No more sound of bomb blast can be heard
River or tears and river of blood will not be flowing anymore

Tears of pain will wash away by the first rain of freedom
Tears of joy will be shown on each and every eye very soon

One day we will get our freedom with honour and pride
We will fly our freedom flag so soon
The sun of freedom will rise on heaven of earth 
The winds of freedom will blow shortly in our motherland

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   Copyright 2002-2013 Shoaib Knopfler. All Rights Reserved.