Have you ever thought about touching the sun?
You can do it, if you are not afraid of burning by the sun 

The sun gives it's light to all living things of universe
The sun really doesn't know the poor-rich difference 

The sun always sets for rising in a new morning
The sun vanishes the darkness of night for a real turning 

Sometimes the black clouds disturb its light works
But the sun always peeps to us, behind the clouds

The sun eclipses slowly and vanishes for a while
But it returns again with full rhythm and smile 

The sun has taught us how to use the solar power
The sun is the witness of all the bloodsheds in war 

Touching the sun is not easy at all. Actually impossible
But the imagination of flying to get touch it, is incredible

I know, all of you love the legend of sun, but afraid to be burned
Why don't you read the sun? Cause there is much more to be learned

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