My senses are conflicting
I really don't know what to do
What is wrong? What is right?
I can't understand, where to go?

Who am I?
Where I'm from?
They say, "You are human"
"The best creation of God"
Am I?

Some say, "This way is best"
Some say, "That way is best"
Who is right?
Which way should I turn?

I've tired of sounds of bomb blast
I've failed to realize the difference between peace and war
Please tell me, why human are killing human?
Should I be the part of this killing skill?

I want to know, what is life
Why God sent me in this earth?
Why someone rich and someone poor?
Why there are differences among human? 
Have I gotten the same colour of blood as others? 

Why UN has failed to unite all the nations?
Where are all NGOs?
What about Conferences? Seminars? Articles?
What about Peace talks? Criticize? Banners? 
What about Tears? Screams? Dead bodies?

Am I the lunatic? 
Cause my senses are not working
When I ask these questions to others
They laugh on me and they use slang
They throw the stones to me
They say, "Shut your mouth"
Should I?

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