Hope all of you are ready with all the materials 
Check again your knife, paper and notes of deals

Hope everybody has done their homework too 
Cause it's not the ordinary game for all of you 

It's a real time to show how much you hate war 
It's the actual time to stop that break-failed car 

Please be ready to write an essay against war
Please be ready mentally and physically for war

You have to write the essay with your own blood
And knife will be used as pen to show the war cloud 

If you have ever seen the dream of warless earth
Write this essay with full of hate and show the path

Obviously the best essay will be awarded, no doubt
But some culprit may read it and surely create shout

All of your essays will be sent to UN to wake up 
It may help to wash the villain's peaceful make-up 

I'm sure; no one of you wants the third world war ever
Your hateful essays may build peaceful world forever 

Writing essay with own blood is just my imagination
You should think well than me, to save all the nations

Everyone wants the final beatitude from the war malediction
Everyone dreams of warless earth and ready to show the reaction

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   Copyright 2002-2013 Shoaib Knopfler. All Rights Reserved.