So, you are an honest man.
Good, it's good. Actually very good.

What do u do? I think your designation is lower
And I'm sure you haven't got any promotion as well.

What about your kids? In which school they study?
Surely they are not in the best school of the city. Right?

Do you live in your own house? No man, you pay the rent
Have you got your own car? Sorry, I know you travel by bus.

What about your bank balance? I'm joking man. 
Your honesty really can't help you to build it up

How many friends do you have? Not much. Right?
You don't have that much, which makes friends.

Do you know? You are danger for the society.
As an honest person, I'm sure you are not a liar 
And your truth may be harmful for others.
You may be witnessed against your brothers.

Why wasting your time on honesty?
While there is abundant pleasure in dishonesty

My dear honest man,
Now, I'm telling you honestly 
Even if you are honest, the world will discard you 
The world will blame on you and will also taunt you 

And my friend, if you are dishonest
The world will receive you with both arms
The world will give you no harm and give you all the charms

At last I've to tell you one thing
But it's just only for your mind satisfaction
Even the heaven of this earth is not for you
But surely the real heaven is only for you

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