I've just heard a clear sound of air gun
Someone has used it just for a fun 

And suddenly a dove fall down in front of mine 
The dove has died after a while. Isn't it crime? 

The breathless body of dove is now on the road
On its bloodstained body how can we be proud? 

The symbol of peace has been killed by an unkind human 
And yet we dare to join the conference of peace for human 

The conference of peace was ended with delicious dinner
Where the next conference will be held, for another dinner?

When will be the children stop crying for peace?
How many people will be dying more for the peace? 

How long the pool of blood for peace will follow on? 
How long the polluted air of peace will blow on? 

How long the bloodsheds of peace will go on? 
How long the dramas of peace will show on?

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