Oh God, I've never seen You
But I believe in You
I believe You are always omnipresent 
I believe You are the real Judge
I believe You are the Almighty
I believe You are the only One
I believe nothing can be hidden from You

Oh God, please listen to my prayer; please see my tears 
You know my feelings; I live with only your hope and fears 

Please help all the human beings to understand 

The difference between war and peace
The difference between love and lust
The difference between freedom fighting and terrorism
The difference between heroes and villains
The difference between friends and enemies
The difference between true and false
The difference between fake and reality
The difference between fact and fiction 

Please help all the human beings to realize the realities of

The tears of sweet loving kids 
The screams of innocence people
The war only for establishment the real peace 
The blaming someone without any strong proof
The loneliness of a woman after losing her husband
The fire of a mother's heart for her dead child
The irremovable bloodstains of war

Please help all the human being to see and work on 

The dream of warless earth
The innocence smile return to the face of all kids 
The friendship and love for all the nations of earth
The end of the demonstrations of weapons 
The final vanishing of devils who think themselves as God 

Please forgive all the human beings; we need your help
Please help us to live together like true friends, like one family
Please give us all the happiness and true feelings for each other
Please help us to make the world a peaceful for the entire living things

Oh God, I'm begging you, please accept my prayer for this time
I'm praying with everlasting hope, I'm praying for the first time

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