Good morning 
Sun is shining with full of energy
Rays are golden today not yellow
It's seems to me that trees are smiling
Something must be wrong or different
Birds are noising too much.
Noising or laughing? Yea they are laughing
I can feel a fine smell in the air. What kind?
Really can't explain. Source may from other world.

Look at that river. Is this flowing wrong way?
I'm trying to remember where it was flowing yesterday
Oh man, Rivers never change their directions
But something must be different. Yea no doubt

What happen to the grasses of my lawn?
They are shaping themselves in different way.
Wow what a dance. I've never seen them as.

Suddenly I've heard and seen a river of crowd
Old, young and kids all of them are with same words
"We are free, we are free nation, and we've got freedom"
I'm going to join the procession of freedom
Yea it's different; it's our freedom day.

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