I am not your friend
I am not the end
I am just the fire of hell

I am here too much busy
My job is not so easy
I am always ready in hell

You have broken so many hearts
You have made too many parts
I am waiting for you here in hell 

You have never thought of better for others
Your eyes were on the wealth of your brothers
I am very ready to hug you in hell

You always laughed on poor and orphan 
Your life was full of joy, lust and fun
I am eager to give my love to you in hell

You always worshipped money as your god
You know better that you were a fraud
I am searching for your date of arrival in hell

You were the leader and never told the truth
You were the killer and had killed the youth
I am burning myself for you here in hell 

You have taken bribe and also taken dowry
You passed nights in gambling with glory
I am sure you will always be with me in hell

You were the selfish. You were the miser
Money could only give you so much pleasure
I am ready to burn you and your money in hell

For you, medical treatment was the business
You have made the education a business
I am keeping your profit of business in hell

You were making your own heaven in earth
You thought you would never leave the earth
I am making your nice world of fire forever in hell

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   Copyright 2002-2013 Shoaib Knopfler. All Rights Reserved.