Everyone knows it very well
Everyone knows what's the truth
Everyone knows the real case
Everyone knows what's going on
Everyone knows who is the culprit
Everyone knows what he wants
Everyone knows that he is a liar
Everyone knows that he is a giant
Everyone knows that he is a killer
Everyone knows he is sucking our blood
Everyone knows that no one is safe
Everyone knows the director of whole drama
Everyone knows this is really too much
Everyone talks daily about fair and unfair
Everyone just wait for the freedom sun
But no one goes against the heartless master
Cause everyone doesn't know about power of his own

Master is nothing, if all of you were united
Master is weaker, if all of you strong mentally
Master can't do anything, if you are not corrupt
Master has no power, if you don't appreciate it

It is the real time to show the master what you are
It is the real time to show him how much you care

Please be united; please be hurry, before it's too late.
It's already too much late, really too much, too late.

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