I've connected to the Internet and signed in for chat
Oh yes, my grandma is online. She answers so fast

Shoaib says; hi grandma, how are you?
Grandma says; me fine thanks. And you?

Shoaib says; not fine, no one keeps the words.
Grandma says; don't be upset, keep faith on lords.

Shoaib says; they always promise for better future
Grandma says; it's not their fault, it's their born nature

Shoaib says; they say the war is the only solution.
Grandma says; they are wrong. War destroys nation.

Shoaib says; they always talk but friendships never build
Grandma says; it can be crash of their own money build

Shoaib says; we are free nation but where is our freedom?
Grandma says; we are the puppets, they rule the freedom

Shoaib says; should we war against these fucking system?
Grandma says; don't use slang; we have to break the system

Shoaib says; sorry grandma. What is waiting for us after?
Grandma says; they are being controlled by a strong master. 

Shoaib says; how long that bloody master will treat us like puppets?
Grandma says; one day there will be the end of master of puppets. 

Shoaib says; how fur away that one-day of freedom? How far?
Grandma says; I'm reminding you the words of legend Knopfler.

"There should be laughter after pain
 There should be sunshine after rain"

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