This has been happening to me for last week 
Someone is playing game with me, I can't pick

Still can't understand what's the hell going on
I really can't explain all the shows are going on

From my tube, drops of blood fall instead of water 
I can hear the clear sound of screaming from water

I see the shadow of someone when I turn off the light
The shadow moves mysteriously from my left to right

Sometimes I hear the real death rings on my dead phone
I'm living with fears. I can't share with others. I'm alone

Sometimes I feel the touch of sharp nails by that invisible
I've seen the sun and the moon together. Is this miracle?

My body and even my thoughts are not in my control
I feel like I'm digging a big dark hole for my own soul

I can easily feel that someone is always just beside me
The shadow is now not so unknown and invisible to me 

Now I feel I'm not breathing, my heart is not beating
All my friends also run away from me with screaming

What happens to me? Now I like the breathless around me 
I can't control my thrust sucking human blood from knee

That unknown and Invisible is making me real a ghost
He has promised me to settle on a high ranked devil's post

I can't believe but I'm already unknown and invisible to all
Should I be happy that I'm not human anymore like you all?

Yes I'm very happy and I'm feeling too much proud as well
I'm better than that selfish war-lover shameless human whale

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   Copyright 2002-2013 Shoaib Knopfler. All Rights Reserved.