Yes I know, life lives, in the prison of soul
A soul that made in hell, is my actual goal

Yes I'm looking for a real soul, of a real devil 
Cause the soul is made in hell or in land of evil 

I've heard a sensational story, from an invisible
For a real soul of devil, nothing is impossible

Devil's soul is always thirsty for human blood
And the thirst is more than too much like flood

But the thirst of shameless war-lovers is the winner 
Because the thirst of a devil's soul, is no way near

Like all of you, I wish to control those war lovers 
Their souls are surely made in hell. We are duffers 

As we know, a thorn can be picked up by a thorn
We also know that the iron can be cut by the iron

So a soul can be destroyed by the same kind of soul
Here I mean the war lovers' soul and the devil's soul 

The soul of a devil and the soul of a war lover are same
Both made in hell, both are dangers, both feel no shame 

The shameless war lovers are not hearing to anyone at all 
Their black souls will make one-day human blood's mall 

So the black souls must be destroyed, as soon as possible
Now I need the soul that made in hell, and real incredible

I've already started my search, for a real devil's soul
To stop war lovers, I have to achieve my actual goal

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