Have you ever seen the death from inches away?
Have you ever felt your own death anyway?

Here is your real chance
Look at me. I'm death for black hearted like you

You have done a great mistake 
The miscalculation of the century 
You have picked the wrong one

I'm not the one that you wanted 
But I'm the chosen one 
I can only laugh at your black fate 
What a worst fortune yours is 
But I can't feel sorry for you my dear
The word "Sorry" is not in the dictionary of my black blood

You are in dire straits
You are dangerously deep in worst danger
Cause you have picked me and I'm really the wrong one

Now you can't reverse
You can't send me back as well. Ha ha 
You are in no way out zone
You are in horrible zone
Actually you are in dangerous death zone

Who suggested you to call a soul from hell?
How dare you break the deep sleep of a black soul? 

Hmmm you wanna be the controller of black soul?
So you can destroy all the walls against you
So you can make me your slave and make me dance on your strings

Hey Black magician. Hey soul hacker
Yes I'm a black soul but I'm out of control
Ha ha , you have picked the wrong one

You shouldn't forget the proverb
One who dig hole for others he will fall in the same hole 
So kindly be prepared to fall in your own dark black hole 

What's up? Why you are so worried? Why you are in so tense?
Hell is only place you will live forever after your death
So why worry my dear?

Hey come on; start your black magic, let's play the game 
Either myself will be in your control or you will be controlled by a black soul 

Get, set, ready. Ready one two three… ha ha 
The game more danger than death will begun shortly
The game between a black soul and a black magician

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   Copyright ©2002-2013 Shoaib Knopfler. All Rights Reserved.