Don't shot yourself by the revolver
Don't hang yourself with fan or hook
Only take drugs regular and you can
Live in the hell of earth with hate.

Don't drink the juice full of poison
Don't cut the artery of your hands
Make yourself as drug addict and you get
The permission to enter in the hell with hate

Don't jump from the summit on the floor
Don't stab yourself by the dagger
Just feel that you can't live without drugs
And drugs show you the way to hell with hate

Don't lay down yourself on the railway line
Don't dive into wild sea from the bridge
Just bow the drugs as a God to get bless and then
Drug bless you to live in darkest hell with hate

Don't burn yourself with petrol or gas
Don't bleed your body with broken glass
Just dive into the world of drugs and you can hear
"Well come to the best hell of the world " with hate

Don't wear the jacket of time bomb
Don't wear the wire standing in the rain
Only wear drugs in your breathe and sure
You can fly with drugs to hell with hate

Don't choke or don't famish yourself
Don't suicide don't kill yourself anyway
Just fall in deep love with drugs and then
Drugs dash you and your soul in hell with hate

Good news for you, if you are going to take drugs
"Everyone knows that who commits suicide 
Hell is the only place, where he can hide
By taking drugs you get a hell of this world
And after death you get second hell of the another world"

Do you know the law of mathematics?
That "Two minus make a plus"
With this sense it should be possible 
That " A heaven is made by two hells"

Now you can write a new kind of suicide note
That "I'm going to take drugs from now.
For that no one is responsible anyhow"

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   Copyright 2002-2013 Shoaib Knopfler. All Rights Reserved.