Are you sure, you want to play this game?
Still you have the chance to remove your name.

I'm telling you again it is very much tough
During the game you can't smile or laugh.

It can be the reason of your death
So before start please hold your breath.

Are you in tension? Game may start late.
Just relax. Cause umpire haven't arrived yet.

I'm reminding you the rules of this game again
Now forget all those memories of you, full of pain 

Hope you have made your suicide note and will
Please submit both before you sit on the chair of kill

Here are four glasses of four kinds of juices
From which just one glass you have to choose

One of the four juices is full of poison. Remember
Simply drink the juice of your favourite flavour

If you win, I mean alive, your wealth will be double
If you lose, I mean die; your wealth will be in trouble

The umpire has arrived, so the game will be start now
You have just ten seconds left; pick up your juice now

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