Courageous ladies and gentleman
Good evening.
Hope all of you are prepared for this show 
And you have left your beloved kids at home.
Don't worry. You will not be disappointed
The fare of your ticket will surely be recovered

We are reminding again
This show is only for those who are really courageous 
And for those who hate this cruel world
And for those who think the world is not for a living place

Many thanks for submitting your suicide note on ticket counter 
It means all of you have already seen our banners 
And ready to die or want to be the lucky winner of

We haven't announced the prize yet
But within few minutes we will let you know about it
And we are sure you will be surprised after knowing it 
Cause this kind of prize haven't been given in any show yet 

So, ladies and gentleman
Please recheck the number on your ticket. 
This number is deadly serious for you.

Take a look at this transparent jar
Hope all of you are able to view this biggest jar 
It's nice and beautiful. Don't you think so? 

Our computer will give us ten numbers
And the deadlier show will begin
You will have to match these ten numbers with your ticket

Please match the numbers very much carefully
Cause those lucky ten will be pushed inside this biggest jar. 
They will be in this poisoned gas jar till their death. 

And rest of all will write a number behind their ticket
But you have to write the number before those ten pushed in jar 
And your number must be from those ten random numbers 
Whom computer has already chosen for death in jar 

Our computer will count each microsecond of those ten lives
The count down will begin just after those ten pushed in the jar
And after all ten become breathless the computer will show the list
A number will be highlighted in this death list by computer
That highlighted number will mean that this ticket holder died at last

My dear audience, 
Then you will match that number with the number behind your ticket
Don't forget, you have written this number and not over-written

Those whose number mismatch with highlighted number will be in danger
Cause all of you will put in the firing line
And those whose number match with computer highlighted number will be alive
All alive persons, I mean the winners, will be awarded.
Here we are going to announce that incredible prize 
Hold your heart please
The lucky winners will get a very nice house on the moon.

So please be ready. 
The computer is now searching these lucky ten numbers

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   Copyright 2002-2013 Shoaib Knopfler. All Rights Reserved.