Someone is following me.
What he wants? Who is he?

Should I stop here or run fast?
Should I call the police? I think I must

Now I'm thinking about talk to him
Has he gotten any weapon with him?

I think I've seen this guy somewhere
I really can't remember. Where man where?

He is totally in black dress and smart as well
His mysterious activities are with feeling of hell

I've to do something now. Run man run
Oh no. I know the dead man, died in 1981

I saw him while his soul was leaving him
His eyes were watching me and became dim

I think the eyes wanted to say something to me
The words of tearful eyes I couldn't read or see

I'm trying so badly but can't move my foots
He is coming with the closer sound of boots

Now he is just two-step behind me
God help, red eyes are watching me

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