This is only for you, if you are really evil
I've written this poem with blood of devil

Someone is just buried in my dark black grave
Hey who are you? Do you think you are brave?

No answer from him, just a little movement
A very fierce smell I'm feeling at the moment

He is trying to do something. I'm afraid of his eyes
He is trying to make his sharp teeth like knives

Hey what's your plan? Is it rough or tough? 
No answer from him. But this time a weird laugh

This is my own grave, how dare you enter?
Why are you laughing? You look so danger

Yes I'm danger, cause I'm one of those evil
Who are sucking blood of human and evil.

Sucking blood is my business and it's too good
Two drops of dead men's blood is my daily food 

I deadly love the human blood. Do you know why?
Cause human sucks human's blood without any shy

Most of you humans are now playing the parts of evils
You may not know but the world is now full of devils

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   Copyright 2002-2013 Shoaib Knopfler. All Rights Reserved.