Once in a moonless night I was on my bike
To give someone lift on, I really don't like

After crossing half way I saw a beauty 
She asked for a lift, I accepted as my duty

The most beauty was just behind me, it's tough 
I just couldn't believe, but I was falling in love

I saw her big and sharp nails just on my bally
Now it's fashion. So it doesn't matter really

After a while the colour of her skin became black
Black women are really always fine on love track

Her hair colour also turned from brown to gray 
But her nice blue eyes are enough for love pray

Then her teeth were shaping like sharp knives
I think this happen sometimes with most wives 

Unexpectedly her eyes became milky-white with blood
But her heart is enough for me to swim in the love-flood

Suddenly I felt a fierce smell from her hideous body 
But you have to accept the smell if you love somebody 

Then she was trying to kill me; no doubt she was a real witch
To die in the arms of sweet heart, it's cool. I was lucky and rich

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