I've fallen from the mountain into a deep blue sea 
But I'm not sinking; it's really a miracle for me 

The mountain, the sea and the sun around me
I've shouted for help "Is there anyone? Help me"

Then I saw a golden floating mirror on the sea 
How can a mirror float? Another miracle I see

The mirror is so close to me. I can easily touch it
I've picked the mirror up and felt sensation a little bit 

Now I can see the reflection of my amazed face on the mirror 
And then the real miracle started on this unbelievable mirror 

Suddenly my face vanished from there, and a light came out
Then it started to show my sins one by one. It's me no doubt

It also has shown the day of my death. I'm burying in grave
It's shown my body burning by fire. Snakes are in my grave 

Oh God, Please forgive me, I know I'm a very sinful person
Please see my tearful eyes. Surely I'll turn an honest person 

Then a voice came out from the miracle mirror 
The sound was most fearful and full of horror

"Show this mirror to all human beings on earth 
They should know their sinful activities path "

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   Copyright 2002-2013 Shoaib Knopfler. All Rights Reserved.