Still it's too much dark. What time is it?
It's three past thirty-eight. It's midnight.

I'm trying to sleep time and again but fail
Cause the music touching me like sharp nail 

Yes it's very different kind of painful music.
It's crossing my brain with feeling of sick

I don't know from where the music coming out
But it's killing me and surely I will make a shout

And now what is that? Looks like an envelope.
Is there any form for me, which I have to fill up?

Now it's totally dark here, but I can see the letter
It's really amazing, but who will be the sender?

The message is being written in red color ink
Oh no, it's blood. Why blood? What's the link?

The handwriting is really too much nice and clean
But the reflection from letter is also amazing

My whole body is now trembling and going hollows
Cause I'm reading the message in blood as follows

"We can read the words of your mind
Like Circle, your life cannot be rewind 
We know what you have done so far
Your final destination is not so far
Now please be ready to cross this loving world
Count down begins. Say good bye to the world"

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