I'm walking alone in the darkest night
No one, no sound, no moon, no light

My heart is beating so fast, faster than ever
My footsteps are so slow, slower than ever

I really can't see anything at all around me
I'm hoping and waiting for something to see

And now taking breath is so difficult for me
Please give me some air, now that all I need

Now I'm feeling the heat crossing ninety-nine
Oh God, where I am? Please do something fine

Suddenly I see the light it is coming out from fire
And I hear the harsh voice, I don't know from where

The harsh voice says "Well come to our land 
You are the very first stranger in our strange land" 

The harsh voice adds, "You are the luckiest one
Your name is in our lucky draw of long life run"

I really can't understand what are you talking about
Why me? Please let me know what's this all about?

The voice replies "Man is mortal but never wants to die
Human lives with greed, selfishness, brazenness and lie

Here's your chance son, you can also be immortal like us
One of us is tired of immortal life. You will get his powers

We want to see how long a human enjoy his immortal life
How long a human can live with shameless and selfish life"

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   Copyright 2002-2013 Shoaib Knopfler. All Rights Reserved.