Please be careful my dear, I'm gonna wash your brain
Making you a real psycho is one of my actual plan

Rules are being ruled under the boots of my power
I can get everything by the force less than an hour

I tell a lie more than hundred times and it becomes a truth
I'm really too expert to wash the innocent brain of youth 

I'm a powerful media and I know how to play with feelings
I'm the principal of school of propaganda. I love the killings

I'm the richest, so I can buy everything, even your soul
I don't care how much you hate me; I'll reach to my goal

All of you really don't know the actual facts of my any step
You believe easily all the fictions; I'm showing you step by step

What do you do? What you have done? What do you think to do?
I know everything. Cause I've made the environment for all of you

By my pre-plan brainwash, you've left love & you love the lust
I'm helping you to forget your own identity, your history and past

Brain washing is easier for me, cause you've left the honesty 
Truth is so far away from you. You are enjoying the evil party

You know but you never believe that you have to die one day
Now you are not so much afraid of God and living your own way

Actually you are living the way I want. The way with brainwash
You are living for your own only. You are psycho. You are in rush 

I'll not help you to wake up from the darkness and deepest sleep
Cause I've given you both gifts, so I can play my games so deep

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   Copyright 2002-2013 Shoaib Knopfler. All Rights Reserved.