Oh girl, you should know, you are young now
Oh girl, you have to know, what is love now 

God has surely made someone, somewhere, just only for you 
You are also made for someone, who will soon come to you

Your life will be changed, when you will fall in love 
You will feel, you can't live without someone's love

You will find someone loving you, more than love means
Sometimes your heart will beat so fast, more than it means

Someone will always visit in your dreams of love 
Your eyes will anxiously search someone like a dove

Love will teach you, how to hug, how to kiss with love
Love will teach you, how to hide, how to sacrifice for love

Love will let you know the value of tears, the value of smile
Love will let you know the value of breathing for a little while

You will hear your lover's name in the rhythm of your heartbeat
You will write your lover's name in your golden heart's sheet

Love will tell you "You are young now, you have a loving heart"
But your heart will be exchanged with someone special's heart

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