Believe me, I've tried my best all the time 
But I have no control on love all the time
My darling, please ask your soul and tell me 
Shall I give you all of my love or not?

You have decorated the balconies of my dreams
Tell me whether I have any place in your dreams?
My sweet heart, please ask your eyes and tell me
Whether there will be morning in my night or not?

I'm too much afraid if I falling down on light 
And if the tears will be shed my whole night 
My love, Please ask your heart and tell me
Can I get the support of your silky arms or not?

I always feel that I may lose you someday
I really don't want to see that blue day 
Oh my heart and soul, ask your dreams and tell me
The blue day will convert in a love day or not? 

I know my heart is beating only for you
I know I'm breathing only because of you
Oh my life, please ask your breath and tell me
Two bodies can live in one soul or not?

I came to know what is love after I saw you 
I feel life is beautiful whenever I thought of you 
My dearest, please ask your feelings and tell me 
Will I get your love or not?

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