"Well, I know it's kind of late 
 I hope, I didn't wake you 
 But what I got to say can't wait 
 I know you'd understand 
 'Cause every time I tried to tell you
 The words just came out wrong
 So I'll have to say," I love you", in a song "

She is listening her most favourite love song
She thinks this is Jim Croce's best love song

Because the song is telling her true love story
It will help her to express her real heart's story 

First time, she saw him, on the first day of college 
He was in the library with the book of knowledge 

She was falling in love, with that real handsome
She kept all her love, only for that prince of charm 

They became very best and close friend within a year 
She tried to tell him "I love you and I'm yours my dear" 

And now four years has been passed soon, since then
Still she couldn't express her heart's word, to that man 

Everyone knows that she is really a very nice singer 
Guitar can dance with the magical sign of her finger 

Today is the last day of college. This is farewell time
She had her own plan; she knows today is the real time 

She will sing the love song of Jim Croce, her favourite one
She will tell, "I love you" to her true love, to her dearest one

"Cause every time, I tried to tell you
 The words just came out wrong,
 So I'll have to say, " I love you" in a song "

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