"Hey……….. Hey you "
Very known voice, too much dear
I move and look around
No one anywhere, I'm recluse

Walking after five hours I hear again
"Hey ….. Hello" I loved the voice 
I move again and this time I see her 
She just 2 steps behind me
I see my amazed faces
On the mirror of her eyes
She holds my hands with soft touch
Just like two hundred years ago.

I know she likes coffee very much
But when I offer her a cup of coffee
She says "Don't you know I hate coffee? "
She adds after a second "Do you forget it? "
"Do you forget everything in a few days? "

Few days?
Two hundred years are few days for her?

Now I'm just watching her cap-a-pie
I'm trying to know her, is it she?
But I can't recognize her 
Two hundred years is a long time

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