Have you ever fallen in true love?
Have you ever felt the sweetest pain of love?
Have you ever lost yourself in someone's dream?
Have you ever found yourself helpless in someone's arms?
Have you ever felt that you are nothing without someone?
Have you ever heard your heartbeat calling someone's name?
Have you ever hold someone's hand with so much love?
Have you ever swum in the wave of someone's deepest hair?
Have you ever dived in sea of someone's most beautiful eyes?
Have you ever been kissed with unexplainable feelings?
Have you ever waited anxiously to see someone's smile?
Have you ever held someone in your arms till the morning comes?
Have you ever called someone's name so loudly that echo in hills? 
Have you ever counted your uncountable fallen tears for someone?
Have you ever exchanged your heart with someone special?
Have you ever thought of death when someone hurt you?
Have you ever felt the world is nothing if someone doesn't love you?
Have you ever told, "I love you" to someone special? 

Still haven't told those three words to someone which is so special?
Hey real lover, just tell it now. Never be so delayed to express your love
Someone special is really wanted to listen these three magical words
Your world will be very special after you listen the same from someone special

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