I've written this poem of love for my love
I've chosen the real sweetest words of love 

Unfortunately I'm not daring to tell her "I love you" 
I haven't told her "I'm alive only because of you"

I haven't got the big heart to listen "No" from her
But there is no meaning of life to me without her

We know very well each other, but just as good friends
We really don't know each other's heart. Are we friends?

God knows, how much I love her, but she doesn't know
God surely knows she loves me or not. I want to know

Does she really feel for me, the way I feel for her?
Does she really think of me, the way I think of her?

How can I tell her that I love her so much or more than that?
How can I let her know that she's my life or more than that? 

I know her hobbies, she loves reading poetries really too much 
So I've thought of writing a poem with my heart's word as much

Now I've completed my poem of love, with love, for my love
Will this poem touch her heart? Is this really a poem of love? 

I've written this poem with just one last hope and with lots of love
One day she will read and realize, the poem is truly for her with love

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