After so many years I've found you again
Hope you haven't forgotten me yet again

Where you have been so long? I was waiting
Hope everything was just fine. I was worrying

Do you remember the first day we met?
That was the day of my life. How can I forget?

I saw the most beautiful girl of the world
Actually for the first time I saw the world

Remember the first kiss under the moonlight
The long drive, that rainy day, the whole night 

Remember, the feeling after said, "I love you"
The unforgettable three words and forever new

I still remember those lovely words of you
I always repeat those, so I can remember you

You said "The best gift of God for us is love"
Look, still I haven't forgotten your quotes of love 

I've painted so many portraits of you in my mind
See in my heart, only your image, you will find

Promise me, you will never leave me again
You will always with me even its sun or rain

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