" Doctor, Doctor, what's wrong with me?
At the moment what's the hell I need? " 

Doctor checked me, took a lot of time
And said " Nothing's wrong, you are fine."

" So,
Why I can't sleep in spite of slumber?
Why I can't eat in spite of hunger?

Why I write her name time and again?
Why I hear that song time and again?

Why I can't dream of anyone without her?
Why I can't think of anyone without her?

Why I like the red roses now a day?
Why I love the flying birds now a day?

Why I can't go where I wanna go?
Why I can't show what I wanna show?

Why I see her face wherever I turn?
Why I always on her way wherever I run?

Why my heart beats so fast when she smiles?
Why my eyes are fixed to see her style?

Doctor smiled, looked at me like a dove
And gave me the prescription "You are in love"

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