Finally she is writing her first love letter
She is trying to make it better and better

For the first time she saw him in a rose garden
She was falling in love with that unknown man

She felt her heart and soul has already been given 
There is nothing left for her at all, her breaths even

Suddenly she was falling there stumbling with rock
He came to pick her up; in her heart she felt a nock

She said "Many thanks" she wanted to add more
He replied, "You are welcome" she wanted to hear more

She wanted to know him, where he lives, what his name
But she couldn't, cause family members called her name

After that day of love she has seen him again this morning
His face was inside the window of a bus, which was crossing

She feels without his love she can't live in the world
At any cost she has to tell him her heart's words 

She doesn't know when and where she will find him again.
She will give him the letter of love, letter of her heart's pain

Letter of love now she is writing. Her heart is beating
Her hand is trembling. Cause "I love you" she is writing

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