Whenever I see her face, my heart beats so fast 
Wherever I close my eyes I see her face till last 
Is this love? 

I always feel that I'm breathing just only for her
The world is absolutely nothing to me, without her 
Is this love?

God knows if I miss to see her for merely a day
It seems to me that I've missed her for years away
Is this love?

When I see her smile, I feel the life is really wonderful
I wouldn't like to leave this earth, which is so beautiful
Is this love?

Wherever I run, all my paths lead only on her way
I write her so beautiful name, billion times in a day 
Is this love?

Whenever she holds my hands, I feel a sensation
Her portraits are painted in my all Imaginations 
Is this love?

I think I'm born in this earth, to present all my love to her 
God made her for me and she would be my lover forever
Is this love?

If this is the love, undoubtedly I'm in deep love with her
I need her now and forever as all my breaths are for her

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