Open your window, open your door, open your eyes
Open your heart, open your soul, open your arms
Oh my darling, Oh my sweetheart, I'm coming home

No more pains, no more lonely nights, no more fears 
No more waits, no more black clouds, no more tears
Oh my heartbeat, Oh my sweet love, I'm coming home

I'll touch your cheeks, kiss your lips, give you all my love
I'll hold your hand, hold you in my arms, take all your love
Oh my breath, Oh my sweet dream, I'm coming home

I'll dive to get lost in your arms; I'll be your real love heat 
I'll dive to get lost in your breath; I'll be your own heartbeat 
Oh my soul, Oh my sweet life, I'm coming home

You will know what actually love is, what actually life is
You will know how to feel the feelings, how to feel kiss
Oh my ideal, Oh my sweet rhythm, I'm coming home

We will be in deep love, deeper breath and deepest sensations
We will be in the world of romance, so start your imaginations
Oh my pride, Oh my sweet romance, I'm coming home

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