What's up? What's up? What's the hell with you?
Are you OK my love? Am I still something to you?

Why you are crying? Do you need someone to care?
Am I the one? Can I wipe your tears with love and care?

Why you are walking alone in the darkest night?
You need something surely. Can I be your light?

Why you wake up? Are you afraid of nightmare?
Find your phone diary. Does my name exist there?

Why your mood is off? Do you want to smile?
May I take all of your pain from your heart's file?

Why you still have not taken your dinner tonight?
Should I do the same? Love, have I still this right?

Why don't you join the party of the year 2002?
Am I the ex one? Don't you take me again as new?

Why don't you read or touch the books of love?
May I help you to remember the words of love?

Why you are trying to forget your memories of love?
You really can't. Cause me there. Can you my love?

Why you so far away from me? When the distance will end?
How long I have to wait for you? Or should I run to your end?

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