It is too sad but true, that I'm the son of a devil 
Now it creates problem for me, cause I'm an evil 

But I'm falling in love with a charming lady 
Love at first sight you may tell this buddy

She is the most beautiful lady that I've ever seen
She is really different. I can't explain, what I mean

Without her, I really can't breath for a little while
I can do anything to see her sweetest smile 

But my luck having big wall between me and her
I'm an evil. It's my own luck. I'm not human like her 

So how can I tell her that I love her too much really?
How can I let her know that I want her so badly?

No doubt, my love for her is so pure and true like crystal 
No human can compare my love for her in front of candle

I've tried so many times to tell her "You are my love"
I've tried to hold her hand and kiss her with soft love

But she can't see me, can't touch me, can't hear my words
Oh God why I'm an evil? Or why she's a human? Show fords 

I'm always with her with love and a hope. Someday she will feel
Feel that someone is just beside her, who loves her with a death deal

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