I'm back home from the border, back from the battlefield
My motherland is free now, after so many of us were killed

Where are you dear Maria? See here I am, I'm back for you 
Where are you my love? My arms are waiting to hold you

Hello uncle John, hi brother Robert, how are you sister Julia?
Is there any one who has seen my sweet heart, my dear Maria?

"She's no more, they dropped bomb on her " Robert says
My heart is bleeding. Tears are burning my eyes, my ways

"She called your name, just before her last breath" Julia says 
"Maria was too kind, she will be in heaven" uncle John says 

Oh dear Maria, without you, there is no meaning of life to me 
I'm coming to you. I'll commit suicide by diving into the sea 

Uncle John is now looking at me with very disappointed eyes
He says, "My son, tears in your eyes, are not looking so nice 

You are a real freedom fighter. How can you think of suicide?
Do you think you will be with Maria after your crazy suicide?

One who commits suicide will surely go to hell, not in heaven
I believe and my heart says, that your Maria is surely in heaven" 

So after suicide I'll be surely in hell, but dear Maria lives in heaven
That means I will not be able to meet my Maria after my death even

So I have to achieve heaven after death, to achieve my true love
I'll keep myself away, from the sins for my dear Maria, my love 

I have to do all the good things in my life, to gain the real reward of piety 
I'll wait for knock of natural death to be with my Maria, my darling pretty

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