Oh my heart, my darling, Oh my love song
I'm accepting my fault. I know I was wrong

I know what wrong I did to you, what wrong I said
But how long the price of my fault has to be paid

I know I always hurt your heart, underestimated you 
God knows, now I can't think of anyone without you

Please forgive me. Can't you see my tearful eyes?
Oh my dear, cant' you see I'm down on my knees?

I never read your eyes, never read your open heart
I never tried to understand that I live in your heart

I failed to understand your true and pure love for me
I failed to understand how much you were crazy for me

When I saw your smile, my heart felt something different
Whenever I touched your hand, I found myself in different 

I couldn't understand that time that difference was love
I couldn't realise that difference made me falling in love

I didn't know how to feel love for each other
I didn't know the pain of life without each other 

Now I can feel the pain. I know the meaning of heart's exchange
Now I realize what love can do, what love can really change 

Now I know how much I love you, how much I really care
I know you are my love, my heart, my soul and my dear

I've always ignored you, ignored your heart touching words
I've never tried to understand your feelings, your heart cords

But after you gone, I came to know, what is love, how sweet it is?
I came to know about life without love, how difficult loneliness is?

Can't you give me one more chance? I can prove my true love
Can't you forgive me? Can't you feel my lonely heart with love? 

Please come back into my arms, I really can't breathe without you
I'll hold you in my arms, I'll feel love and I'll give all my love to you

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