Let me tell you an amazing story of a true love
I think none of you have heard about this love 

Once there was a young boy called Peter James
Poor James was a painter, couldn't use the frames

He only painted the face of a sweet girl time and again
Just changed the colour of her dress and add some rain

James created her face in his imagination for an unknown race
After that, wherever he turned, he just had seen her lovely face

He tried to paint many things, but his brushes only painted her
And he couldn't control himself to paint her face and see her

Then one day he named her Lisa and felt love with along
He talked with Lisa's painting whole day and all night long

James shared his all feelings with Lisa and hold her deeper 
He told Lisa that how much he loved her, he is alive for her

"I love you so much Lisa. You are not just only a painting for me
I really want know about my place in your heart, please reply me"

Day after day James waited for reply from Lisa's painting 
But there was no reply from Lisa. James' heart was waiting 

And once in a midnight James heard clearly "I love you too"
His joys knew no bound. Yes his darling Lisa loves him too

James came out and shouted "Lisa loves me too, Lisa is mine"
All his neighbours, friends, relatives came out and smile fine

Everyone congratulated him for his love and wanted to see Lisa
Everyone said "Very nice" when he showed the painting of Lisa

Everyone asked more about Lisa, where she lives? What she does?
When she will come to you next? They forced James to tell mores 

James said "She lives in my heart, so she's with me all the time 
What she does? She loves me too and that's enough for mine "

Everyone appreciated his feelings and they wanted to talk to Lisa
Then they were being surprised when came to know reality of Lisa

Everyone felt hurt and anger on James for his false story or jokes
"You have hurt us, you have played with our feelings and hearts"

No one believed, no one cared James feelings, his true love for Lisa
After some time James has been proved as mad man, there is no Lisa 

They sent James to the mental hospital; the society can't accept this kind
The society is not for a mad lover, no one tried to read a true lover's mind

The society couldn't understand that the love really doesn't know boundaries 
Love is not only for the living things; love is not only in the books and diaries

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